Agriculture represents one of the oldest forms of human activities and plays a vital role in world economy through the resulting economic resources.

The lands situated in the central and southern areas of the Dolj county are agricultural lands with a high production potential, with a soil structure that puts them in the chernozem class that offers in this area, when merged, the possibility to be worked intensely, offering large surfaces with no gaps, sinkholes and with smooth slopes.

At S.C. AGRIFARM S.R.L, we are cultivating plants on our own and on rented land with a total surface of 3.500 ha, as follows:


  • Large field culture – cereals (wheat, barley, oat, rye, corn, sorghum), oil plants (sunflower, rapeseed), technical plants (mustard);
  • Orchard – a 10 ha orchard with plum, apple, apricot, cherry and sour cherry trees;
  • Energy plants – a 40 ha energy willow nursery area was created, whose annual production of cuttings is enough to plant 1.000 ha of energy willow;