About Agrifarm


Founded in 1999 by german company FAHMRA BETEILIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT mbH, S.C. AGRIFARM S.R.L. Craiova carries out activities in the Dolj county, and is a profit-based company with an agricultural profile and great social and environmental responsibility.

S.C. AGRIFARM S.R.L. has all the infrastructure and equipment needed for production and services offered to its clients and partners. This infrastructure includes buildings, agricultural land, capital goods, transport and technological equipment, measurement and control equipment, inventory. These are the assets of the company which are managed by the executives of the company.

In order to conduct the company’s current activities in good conditions, as well as to provide services to third parties, the company is equipped with advanced, modern and cutting-edge equipment: 8 Claas and Case tractors with more than 1.600 HP installed power, Claas and New Holland combines with 800 HP installed power, and a full range of tools, machinery and agricultural equipment, reversible plows, discs, combiners, hoes and cereal seeders, sprayers and energy willow planting and harvesting machinery, snow plows, salting equipment, a.s.o.

Ensuring the work environment is considered essential for oferring the frame required to conduct our activities. From this point of view efforts have been made to achieve and maintain a working environment  adequate with our company’s activities at our offices as well as at our farms and we are taking into account ensuring the work conditions at the outdoor workstations. In the office and at the farm we have an adequate heating, lighting and placing of activities.

In Întorsura our company owns a production base comprised of: land – approx. 10.000 sqm, out of which 5.000 sqm – concrete platform on which a modern silo is placed, with 8 vertically placed metal cells and a total capacity of 7.600 tons of wheat, a seed processing hall fully equipped with latest generation installation and selection, treating and bagging equipment, with two buffer cells, each with a capacity to approx. 450 tons of wheat used for receiving the agricultural products for preparing the selection and treatment in order to obtain the seeds, a cereal dryer with a capacity of 24 tons of wheat per hour running on GPL fuel, 4 GPL tanks with a total capacity of 10.000 l, conected directly to the silo’s dryer, electronic scale and a 60 ton drawbridge, fully equipped quality control laboratory, command cabin that holds the command panel, as the reception, selection, drying, storing, aeration, recirculation within the same cell, transport between cells and delivery of the products is managed electronically.

Moreover, our company owns in the immediate vicinity of the production hall, a second production base with a total surface of approx. 15.000 sqm, where a metallic hall is located, used for storing fertilizers and parking of agircultural machinery, a machine shop, storage warehouse, waste storage areas, 10 ton mechanical scale, offices, dining hall, cleaning room (showers), and administrative building.

The premises and buildings have an under- and above ground lighting network, water network and water hidrants, pellet boilers for the administrative building and offices, our own transformer and metal fence enclosure.