Welcome to the Agrifarm website!

Our mission is to cultivate the land using modern technologies to obtain high quality products and to offer services that fully satisfy our clients. In the same time a pressing concern for our company is to find and produce alternative energy sources, and especially renewable energy resources, considering the diminishing availability of conventional energy resources and their increase in market price.

Since its establishment, S.C. AGRIFARM S.R.L. carries out activities consisting of “Growing cereals, leguminous plants and oil seeds plants” by exploiting legally owned agricultural land and its cultivation with cereals and technical and energy plants.

S.C. AGRIFARM S.R.L. is exploiting land with a total surface of approximatively 4.000 ha located in the administrative territory of the Dolj country, in the villages of Cioroiași, Întorsura, Radovan and Lipovu. The land is worked with performant, latest generation equipment and agricultural machinery, while the resulting products are stored in company-owned silos.

SILO – Creating the capacity to store our own products had the effect of reducing the dependency between the price and market fluctuations, while keeping the products qualitatively and quantitatively optimum for a prolonged period.

The seed processing line resulted in rigorous control and selection of a high quality end product stored in optimum packing conditions.

Our activity is directed towards the production and selling of agricultural products obtained on the farm. These are sold on the internal market, through firm contracts signed with businesses in the field.

Currently AGRIFARM operates as a medium-sized farm, its efficiency increasing as the crops’ yield increase, as the tools and equipments serving the farm increase in productivity, and as the costs for transport, storage, preservation and packaging of agricultural products obtained from our lands decrease, and as revenue is generated by providing services to third parties.