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Apart from basic agricultural activities, S.C. AGRIFARM SRL offers a range of other services, like:

  • exectuion of works and services related to crop work - plowing, disking, preparation of the germinating bed, planting, fertilizing, spraying and harvesting;
  • service for reception, selection, conditioning, drying and storage:
    • storage of agricultural products in 10 new, modern cells, with a total capacity of 8.000 wheat-tons;
    • drying of agricultural products in a modern, latest generation dryer, with a capacity of 24 wheat-tons per hour, powered by GPL;
  • seed production for personal use or for marketing;
  • marketing of the resulting agricultural products - cereals, oil seeds, energy plants, fruits;
  • other services: snow plowing, herbicide and plant health treatments, a.s.o with the help of specialised personnel and machines, equipment and modern and performant facilities